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Want To Make Higher Returns with Less Risk? Harness The Power Of Compounding.

Compounding is core to investing and yet widely and deeply misunderstood
“Best Investors” wholly embrace it. However, most investors miss it completely, right at the outset, and then never properly review it. Returns alone tell you very little about your long term trajectory. It’s compounding that informs you whether or not you will be successful over time.

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Gold. Ignored, but making a new all-time high.

With our Stagflation trajectory firmly in play, has there ever been a better time to own precious metals? Check out the set up. The six cases for gold.
It is likely that the CPI will not fall much below 3% in 2024 on the latest data and outlook.

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Policy Predicament. Investment Instability Inevitable.

How you invest needs to adjust for the Policy Predicament. Not only has the Fed become part of the problem, but the scale of economic problem keeps getting bigger along with the debt.

Investors need to allow for much greater instability and become more policy aware.

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Policy Priority: Stocks. Even If It Leads To Stagflation.

Stagflation is a major risk for equities and it’s easy to miss. Why? Because Keynesian policy on steroids initially produces the opposite short term results as described above. So far that is the experience that market participants seem to believe is permanent. However, the inevitable 1970s experience is likely on its way and just a matter of time.

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