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The Fed Has Failed and Reality Will Return

This chart below shows that the Fed’s policies since 2007 have been a complete failure as regards the broad economy. There never has been a real recovery and the Fed can only create an illusion that benefits a small minority at everyone else’s expense.


The Federal Reserve’s post 2008 policy is effectively a massive redistribution to the wealthy. It could not be any more clear that this is what is happening. These two articles spell this out very clearly. The Federal reserve can not provide a solution. It is part of the problem:

Outside the very privileged few the outcomes are accelerating to the downside. Retail spending is hitting a 5 year low:

Meanwhile, wholesale sales are collapsing at the fastest pace in 5 years, while auto inventories are hitting new all time highs, despite extremely easy car loan conditions:

Meanwhile, if you are a small independent business you are still under extreme pressure as shown by the recent NFIB index:

I think it is necessary to consider different perspectives on the background to recent events. Paul Craig Roberts has some insights which provide a valuable counterpoint relative to more conventional news sources:

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