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Take Full Control Of All Your Investments, Including Held Away Accounts (401k, Government IRAs, etc.)

Investors now face a Trifecta of investment extremes never before seen in the last hundred years. The chart below shows debt, valuation and inflation have all peaked together. How you manage your assets through these extremes needs your attention.

A unique set of conditions since 2008 have created these extraordinary circumstances. Most likely the markets of 2022 are already signalling major changes in investment conditions and the investment strategies that can work well.

Investors need to take full control of their investments and today, new technology enables investors to take charge beyond brokerage accounts, to also directly control held away accounts, which was not possible until recently.

CB Investment Management has partnered with financial tech platform, Pontera, formerly known as FEEX. Pontera specializes in providing full access to all trading and managing of held away accounts (i.e. 401k, 403b, 529, Government IRAs, etc.). No transfer needed!

This new system allows advisors to manage and trade any held away account just like they do with custodied accounts, empowering the investor and the investment advisor to more efficiently manage risk and opportunity, with optimal strategies and deliver better outcomes for capital preservation and compounding.

Even the most well-constructed passive portfolio may be subject to unacceptable drawdowns without real-time risk management. In this dynamic and changing market climate, the level of risk and opportunity are not static, yet held away accounts remain largely anchored in passive management. This constrains the ability of the investor to take action immediately when conditions of opportunity and risk management arise.

This principle of active investment management is an essential optimal approach at CB Investment Management, as articulated in the recent Amazon bestseller, Invest Like The Best.

Additionally, advisors could not provide ongoing management and oversight that is expected and required as a fiduciary due to limitations in technology. This paradigm is now shifting, thanks to the developments in technology and trading platforms like Pontera. The benchmark for optimally managed held away accounts is now extended providing more ability for the investor to meet their financial goals.

Here are the new benefits:

  1. Now held away accounts can be managed by your investment advisor.
  2. “Pure Quant” model, shown in chapter 9 of Invest Like the Best can be applied to held away accounts for significantly improved performance.
  3. No transfer is even required!
  4. Full reporting standards can be raised for held away accounts to the highest level of real time reporting through your own portal at Orion Advisor. These accounts will have full daily performance reporting including the risk return performance grid to check against Best Investor standards.
  5. CB Investment Management will absorb all costs, so the management fee structure remains unchanged.

This requires almost no additional work for the investor – just authorization to provide Ponterra asset management access to your held away accounts. This recent advancement in management capability now provides an extraordinary and unique opportunity to extend professional asset management to all your accounts.

Pontera enables investment advisors to trade and rebalance held away accounts just like brokerage accounts, all through a single interface. Additionally, Pontera integrates with many of the portfolio management and billing platforms. This allows advisors and investors to see held away data alongside custodied accounts and incorporate it into comprehensive performance reporting.

Individual clients are able to have far better control over all their accounts. Pontera is also committed to safeguarding client information through its security architecture which it has developed over the past 10 years.

CB Investment Management is implementing this technology to raise investment standards for all held away accounts, covering performance, full and timely disclosure, accountability, and real time transparency to the whole process.

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Chris Belchamber is an IRMAA Certified Planner

Medicare’s IRMAA impacts every retirement plan. Learning how to mitigate it is available via IRMAA Certified Planners designation.

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